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We are located in Palm Springs, CA and spend many of our weekends at our vacation home in Lake Havasu City in Arizona.  Our poodles travel with us nearly every where we go. So, to say that our poodles are well socialized is an understatement. During our time in Lake Havasu City, each and every weekend is spent on our " Poodle Boat " with poodles spread out from one end to the other. As you can probably guess, standard poodles love the water. This makes them ideal boating companions.
I first started breeding and showing Standard Poodles over thirty years ago.  I am a small hobby breeder and I strive to produce happy, healthy  puppies that conform to the breed standard.  All of my adult dogs come from  AKC Champion show lines with near perfect confirmation and dispositions. My dogs are all home raised and are a big part of the family.  They spend their days swimming, boating and enjoying the company of both their human and poodle family members.  Like I often say, "It aint a party til the poodles show up!".

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Joe Thomas 760-464-5586
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